Sauna Vulcano

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Cologne's oldest baths
Opened in 1972, Vulcano prides itself on being "the sauna for elderly men. Everybody between 19 and 95 years ... not perfect, but likeable." Who needs Rilke when you've got co-owner Bernhard's poem to the bittersweet joys of aging: "The hair on my back/whom wouldn't that charm? ... There is much joy still/for my "little fella" still stirs..." Euro 15 admission includes towels, flipflops and soap; euro 13 for students to age 30; monthly and 10-visit tickets at substantial discount. Two saunas; darkrooms and video rooms; full bar pours Gaffel Kölsch on tap. Hearty free happy-hour snacks most weekdays.


    • phoenixnites
      phoenixnites Over a year ago
      Hates it

      old like the clients
      Went on a Thursday evening at 5pm expecting to get the afterwork crowd. Oh no this place is as old as the crowd. 60/70 yrs. there was about 5 in. 3 sat in bar drinking 2 in smelly steam room. I wandered around and two guys left. Leaving the 3 old men at bar. Boring. Facilities dated. And very small. Good if u want to feel like a retirement home. I left and went to Babylon. Same price. Amazing difference massive. Great facilities. And 70-80 men.

    • figliolo11
      figliolo11 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      old ole old
      Clean place but older facilities and very old people. Average age is 50!!!! But had some fun lol entry fee is â¬16